The Voice of Tom Schafer

"Simply Mesmerizing"

Tom Schafer is a multifaceted singer, songwriter, and guitarist whose music combines americana style and blues. His main influences are Bruce Springsteen, Elvis Presley, Bob Dylan, and Stevie Ray Vaughan to name a few.

When it comes to singing about struggle and emotion, there are few that match the intensity of the Blues. Americana & Blues music was born of artists who are brave enough to wear their hearts on their sleeves, from tragedy to triumph.

Born Thomas Schafer Jr. in New York, to Gigi and Thomas Schafer Sr. , young Tom began playing his first acoustic guitar at the age of fourteen. He spent his teenage years playing in garage bands as well as top fourty bands in various cities after relocating to South Florida.

With an overwhealming desire to compose original music and lyrics, Tom decided to concentrate on writing his own original solo album. Eventually the fruits of his labor resulted in airplay within his home state of Florida, and carried on to various radio stations around the United States, reaching as far as Paris, France. 

Schafer attributes drawing his musical inspiration from what he holds dearest to him. That being his family, and the intense emotional experiences of significant events we share in life. Schafer writes of the trials and tribulations of tragedy, the reflective wonder we share in hopes of a new tomorrow and the faith that arrives us to the promise of a new day. 

With his solo album entitled "Cradle", you can picture the tearful invocation in "Ashes Fall From The Sky" that recalls the National disaster of 9/11. The shattered feelings of heartbreak when you hear "Treat Me So Bad" progress from family dynamics to love found but lost. Bringing everything back to faith, "Sweet Lullabies" tenderly anticipates the eternal innocence of true love.  

Tom's most recent album edition, entitled 'Land of Pain', comprises eight tracks of captivating acoustical bluesy guitar melodies that refreshingly blend together with his candid lyrics.

The title track, 'Land of Pain', reflects the name of the album. Reminiscent of the feel of a soldier, the character in the song holds fast to his honor and to what he believes in.

'Illusion of Love', stands out as an upbeat, playful tune. This song includes an array of brass instruments and a rhythm that makes you want to get up and dance.

'Strong Man', being Schafer's fifth track on the album, illustrates a somewhat lyrical diary, that carries a haunting progression of concious awareness, connecting it to the feelings expressed throughout this album. Interpreting its meaning reveals a motivation to heal and improve, which moves us toward a brighter future.

Tom Schafer pours his heart & soul into his music. He is an extraordinary man, a loving father, a hard worker and a very
talented artist.

It is with great pleasure that I've written this biography for Tom Schafer, as he is one of the most admirable people I've come to know.    - Chanda Lee

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