The Man and his Music

Tom Schafer's songwriting drew rave reviews not only for his solid guitar solos, but also for his expressive and unique sounding voice.

a multifaceted singer, songwriter, and guitarist, Schafer's music draws on American Roots, Folk, and Southern Rock and Blues influences inspired by Bruce Springsteen, Elvis Presley, Johnny Cash, Bob Dylan, Stevie Ray Vaughan and Santana to name a few.

Tom Schafer was born in Manhattan, New York. he began playing his first acoustic guitar at the age of fourteen and spent his teenage years playing in garage bands. After relocating to South Florida, Tom performed at a number of venues in various local cities. Eventually the fruits of Schafer's labor resulted in airplay within his home State of Florida, carrying on to various radio stations around the U.S., reaching as far as Paris, France. 

Schafer's sometimes grizzly, often powerful voice manages to have a smooth timbre and quality of tone that compliments his guitar playing. His unique, eclectic style sounds like no other singer or guitarist and his sound isn't limited to any one particular genre.

With Schafer's solo album entitled "Cradle", you'll enjoy a unique collection of ballads as well as instrumental guitar tracks. You can picture the tearful invocation in the sentimental "Ashes Fall From The Sky" in memory of 9/11. Shattered feelings of heartbreak when you listen to "Treat Me So Bad" progress from family dynamics to love found but lost, And Schafer's Jazz & Latin influence comes through with his elegant guitar instrumentals in "Sweet Dreams For Brigitte" and "This Little Prayer For GiGi" as well as an appropriately dedicated style of Bossa Nova in "Sweet Lady".  

On Schafer's most recent album, entitled "Land of Pain", Tom brings a select group of artists into this studio recording. Featured are Eddie Balzola on bass guitar, JC Carmona on drums, Manny Salas on organ and keyboards and Stuart King on horns. This new masterpiece includes eight tracks of soulful blues with a Country Western feel and a harmonica intro by Schafer in "I'll Wait".

Schafer's title track, "Land of Pain", sets the central theme of a poignant sequel in his songwriting. These powerful ballads dig deep into the roots of blues songwriting.

"Illusion of Love", stands out as an upbeat, playful tune. Schafer's choice of bringing horns into this song combines nicely with a captivating rhythm that makes you want to get up and dance!